Mar 142012

Experience Reproductive FreedomI’ve been passionate about sharing information on women’s reproductive health and ways of managing fertility for a long time. My love for fertility and women’s reproductive health stems from personal experience. I believe that all young women should be taught about their bodies, taught to identify the signs of fertility so that they have the tools and skills needed to avoid pregnancy.

The first time I had sex, I had no understanding of how my body worked. I knew women weren’t fertile all the time. I knew when dogs were in heat they also bled and that they could get pregnant during this time. The first time I had sex it was unprotected and I was not bleeding at the time. Luckily, I didn’t get pregnant. I was placed on the pill soon after, on which I stayed until the age of 20.

It turns out I’m not alone in my misunderstanding and ignorance of the basic functions of my body. The Guttmacher Institute reports that 46% of teenage boys and 33% of teenage girls have no formal sex education prior to having sex for the first time. I was one of those teenage girls.

This scenario happens across the world every day more often than we could ever imagine. This is a huge problem! One that is easily remedied with good scientific information! I believe if a woman is able to recognize signs of fertility on any given day, she will be able to determine if unprotected intercourse on that day would likely result in conception occurring. Having this knowledge and level of understanding of our bodies will enable women of child-bearing age to be much more conscious of the choices she is making in regards to contraception.

I want the ideal world where all pregnancies are planned, every child is wanted and abortion is only needed for medical reasons or when birth control fails. We have the tools available to make this a reality all that is missing is the education and subsequent implementation in the general population. I believe that educating our young men and women is a vital step in achieving this goal.

My goal is to bring this information to as many women as possible. I think that basic fertility awareness methods should be taught to pre-teens or as a rite of passage for young women who have just begun bleeding. Understanding our bodies and menstrual cycles is essential information for all women and can be used to avoid or achieve pregnancy when the time is right. Sex education is vital for future health and well being, avoiding viruses like HPV is essential to avoiding cervical dysplasia and cervical cancer.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all mothers knew this information so that they could hand it down to their daughters? I look forward to exploring the realm of women’s mysteries with you all!

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