Webinar – Avoid Pregnancy without Giving Up Sex


Attention Ladies! Free webinar on…


Natural Ways to Avoid Pregnancy

Without Giving Up Sex or Relying on Birth Control!

June 20 at 5:30 pm Pacific (8:30 pm Eastern)



In this powerful web-class you’ll discover…


  • The perfect solution if you’re fed up with side effects from hormonal birth control, sick of condoms or worried about using withdrawal or nothing at all
  • How you can live in harmony with your fertility instead of trying to suppress and control it or resigning yourself to whatever happens
  • A scientific natural solution as reliable as “The Pill” and free from side effects like weight gain, headaches, leg cramps, mood swings and depression
  • Know exactly when to plan date night so that you can have birth control-free sex WITHOUT fear of pregnancy!


Register now to take charge of your fertility and free yourself from birth control!



About me…


Hi, I’m Robin LaCross. I’m a holistic sex educator with 25 years of experience and a holistic health practitioner specializing in women’s reproductive health. My goal is to empower women around their bodies and cycles, and to reduce unintended pregnancies and STDs in the world. I take a holistic view when it comes to sexual education and believe that adults would benefit from a better sex education and mothers could use additional support to give their children a comprehensive, holistic and fantastic sexual education so that we can reduce unintended pregnancy and STDs while raising more empowered daughters and conscious sons.


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