Aug 242017

    On this episode of Pride Connections, Melissa DaSilva sits down to talk with Robin LaCross. Robin is a holistic health practitioner who specializes in women’s reproductive health. She is passionate about making sure every young woman grows up knowing and understanding her body and cycle. Robin is on a mission to reduce unintended […]

Jun 072017
Holistic Sex Ed with Brodie Welsh

Podcast interview on A Healthy Curiosity. In this episode, we explore: HPV, its risks, its tests, its prevention, and its treatment Failures of the current sexual education system Talking to teens about sexual and reproductive health Benefits of holistic sexual and reproductive health practices The Fertility Awareness Method IUDs and birth control pills (plus other forms of BC)  

May 232017
Love Library Giveaway with Joanna Shakti

Exciting news! I was invited to participate in Joanna Shakti’s Love Library Giveaway to share information about HPV and how to protect yourself from the virus. The giveaway is live May 23rd thru June 11. Register today for your free pass…     Join Katherine Woodward Thomas, Arielle Ford, Marni Battista, Evan Marc Katz, Michaela […]

Jul 022014
The Truth about Birth Control Series:  Part 1: The Awful Truth about Condoms

The oldest condom ever found was in an old English castle ruin, it’s believed that soldiers were issued condoms by King Charles I because his army was getting sick and dying due to deadly venereal diseases of the time like gonorrhea and syphilis. Before the invention of rubber, condoms were made from a variety of […]


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