Sep 212017

  On this weeks episode, I have a candid talk to holistic sexual educator Robin LaCross. We cover a range of topics including having “the talk” with our children, HPV, STI disclosure, and listener questions about sex and sexual health.

Jun 072017
Holistic Sex Ed with Brodie Welsh

Podcast interview on A Healthy Curiosity. In this episode, we explore: HPV, its risks, its tests, its prevention, and its treatment Failures of the current sexual education system Talking to teens about sexual and reproductive health Benefits of holistic sexual and reproductive health practices The Fertility Awareness Method IUDs and birth control pills (plus other forms of BC)  

Aug 042014
The Truth About Birth Control: Part 4 - IUDs

IUDs – Still the Black Sheep of the Contraceptive Family? Is it really true that IUDs are being recommended for teenagers? This might come as a surprise, but yes, it is true. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) believe that IUDs are a great option for teenagers, especially because teens are at such […]

Jun 112014
Sick of Birth Control? Worried about Withdrawal? You're not alone!

I recently sent out an email asking if anyone was dealing with the following issues and invited them to speak with me. I wanted to know if: You’ve had your child/ren and know you don’t want to get pregnant now, but you feel stuck using birth control, because you’re not sure of your other options? […]


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