My 5 Essential Strategies to Prevent Unintended

Pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Disease


Learn the best ways to protect yourself from hard to detect sexually transmitted viruses like HPV when entering into a new relationship and how asking the right questions before you get too deep can save you a lot of headache and heartbreak later on.


Find out how charting your cycle can help you determine if you need emergency contraceptives in the event of contraceptive failure and what to do to prevent an unintended pregnancy in the event of a mishap. Find out more about emergency contraceptive options including a lesser known herbal option which can be appropriate for some women, in certain situations.



Discover an often overlooked way to preserve future fertility from undetected silent sexually transmitted infections that can leave young women scarred and infertile.


Whether you are single, entering into a new relationship or with your long time partner this information is useful not only to you but to your daughters, sisters and friends too.

Join me as we explore these topics and more!



These essential strategies are ideal to learn if you have children in the home.


I would love to know how I can best serve this community. Please leave a message below.



  7 Responses to “5 Essential Strategies to Prevent Unintended Pregnancy and STDs”

  1. Congratulations on a fabulous job of publicity. So clear, so important. Great job!!!!!

  2. Can’t wait to hear you, Robin! I’m curious – do you also teach about women’s sexual health during and after menopause?

    • Its not really my specialty, I can help with the managing fertility piece but I’d refer you to Dr. Sandy who is launching a program all about pelvic floor health and she’s including a whole bunch of stuff about sexuality and sex in menopause. It’s looking to be very juicy! If you’re interested…. for more info.

  3. I already practice FAM, but I am interested in the herbal contraception as well. It is a shame this knowledge is kept so hidden. Thank You for having this seminar.

  4. Robin, you have such wisdom and knowledge in the whole area of fertility, women’s reproductive health and prevention of sexually transmitted disease. I’m so glad you’re making your wisdom available to all of us!

  5. Hello and congrats on your advancement! I’ve mulled through you’re postings and I will say that I am more than impressed with the way you spearheaded that response to rep.proud ! I’m behind you 200% it’s a woman’s choice and things happen and it’s no ones business as to why you do that ! no one ever knows the serverity of another’s plight unless you’re there presently or have been in the flaming pit yourself. I’m down here in the Bible Belt so we southern bells have to find out own fixings of bad situations from time to time. I’m now in school to obtain a bsn because I’ve fallen in love with holistic health and would love for it to become a full time career along with using the holistic health knowledge for other aspects in life not just a career move. Many older women born 1920 and before believe that holistic health as a whole has become a lost art granted yes in the early beginnings of this country we call home it was considered witchcraft until someone stop being a bigot! when parsely tea saved me from a shotgun marriage I could’ve tracked you down and treated you to a spa day literally and he was cuter with the lights off phew! between you and macrobiotic stoner I owe you both for sharing your knowledge with me! Thankyou so so so much you’ve truly been a blessing

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