3 Incredibly Simple Ways to Protect Yourself from the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)


In this powerful training you’ll discover…

  • How to protect yourself from this nasty little virus that can cause cervical, oral, throat, penile and anal cancers… in addition to or instead of wearing a condom.
  • How to protect yourself when condoms don’t provide 100% protection
  • New testing services to detect HPV in men and women
  • How to teach your kids about HPV and how to keep themselves safe
  • More about the HPV vaccine, the pro’s and con’s, and the concerns about harmful effects
  • New information that may help identify those at greater risk for adverse reactions to the vaccine
  • And much more!





Robin LaCross is a holistic health practitioner who specializes in women’s reproductive health. She is a holistic sex educator with 25 years of experience and a Certified Rapid Results Coach.

Robin’s vision is to change the way we talk to our girls about growing up, sex, money and relationships. Her goal is to educate women about new tools and technology we can use to avoid becoming infected with HPV and about natural ways to discourage the virus and heal cervical tissues. After having a personal experience with HPV and severe cervical dysplasia back in 2000, Robin has been raising awareness about HPV and supporting other women who have found themselves positive for HPV.

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