Jan 192017

Herbal Allies for Healthy Cycling


Join me as I interview wise woman and herbalist Susun Weed on how to use herbs to balance your cycle and influence your fertility.

Learn more about using herbs the Wise Woman Way to…


Balance the menstrual cycle


Ease cramps and other symptoms


Balance cycle conditions such as endometriosis, irregular periods, heavy menstrual bleeding and more


Discover which herbs to use to increase fertility


Learn which herbs can be used to decrease fertility


Plus lots more!



  One Response to “Interview with Susun Weed”

  1. I have a question that I wold like for you to ask Susan Weed please!!!!!

    I just recently gave birth to my 13th child. I am now seeking a natural birth control method. I have tried wild yams, but I have learned from experience, NEVER forget to take them. Now my husband is taking Neem capsules and we are using the Rhythm and Withdraw methods. Because I am the definition of “Fertile Myrtle”, I am still quite nervous. I have thought about taking Jack in the Pulpit as described in your book. What is the success rate of this? Is there anything you would recommend that really works? I am looking for LONG term and possibly permanent suggestions. Thank you

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