Is It Really Possible To Naturally Avoid Pregnancy And Never Have To Use Birth Control Again?


Yes! And, You’re About to Discover The Natural And Effective Form Of Birth Control That’s Free of Harmful Hormones & Can Be Used For As Long As You’re In Your Childbearing Years…


But, before I share arguably one of the best kept secrets hidden from most modern women, let me ask you a few questions.


Have you ever…

  • felt frustrated by birth control options and wished for a natural solution?
  • wished you could enjoy sex without worrying about getting pregnant?
  • suffered from side effects from hormonal birth control such as headaches, leg cramps, weight gain and low sex drive?
  • worried that you might get pregnant after having intercourse because you didn’t use any protection?
  • wished you and your partner could skip the condom without fear of pregnancy?
  • relied on withdrawal to avoid getting pregnant?
  • laid awake at night wondering if your period was going to start?
  • found yourself pregnant when you didn’t want to be?


Me too.


In fact, I remember what it was like to HATE my birth control and DOUBT my ability to protect myself without using synthetic hormones.


There were nights I lay awake wondering if I had just made a fateful decision, holding my breath while I waited to see if my period would come.


I knew I needed a reliable solution and FAST.


That’s when I started searching for answers and discovered another way. A way that would allow me to live in harmony with my cycle, so I could decide if and when I wanted to get pregnant.


The best part is… I don’t have that niggling fear in the back of my mind worrying about getting pregnant every time I have sex. I can actually enjoy the experience on a much deeper level and stay more present without that script playing in the background.


I want you to have that sense of security when you’re with your partner too.



How Liberated Would You Feel If You Knew Exactly When You Could Get Pregnant and When You Won’t?


After helping women all over the world transition into using natural methods of managing their fertility, I can confidently tell you that this sh*t works!


In fact, what I’ve discovered by working with women over the past two decades around natural contraception is that it is actually very liberating.


If you want to control your fertility naturally, finally be able to be free of hormonal birth control and be able to pass this empowering information on to your daughter, or other precious young women in your life, I have a special invitation for you.


I am so committed to helping women take charge of their fertility that I’ve created a program specifically designed to show you how.


Imagine…. a natural method of birth control that:

  • meets reproductive goals
  • is 100% safe – no side effects
  • fits your lifestyle
  • helps you connect more deeply with your body
  • gives you your sexual freedom back!

You can have all of that and more.


Introducing the…


Fertility Freedom System


An All Natural Way of Successfully Managing Your Fertility and Preventing Pregnancy


For the first time, I’m bringing a circle of women together who want a natural solution to prevent pregnancy. You’re going to walk away from this powerful program with the safe and natural ability of knowing when you can and cannot get pregnant, a rare skill most women have yet to discover.


Here’s a Quick Overview of the Program….


This program is a 5 step system. Each module focuses on helping you master your unique fertility pattern, with each module building onto the previous.


Step 1 – Unlock the Secrets of Your Cycle


During this powerful module, you’ll discover….


  • The amazing abilities of a women’s reproductive anatomy (you’ll never hear this stuff in biology class)
  • What natural birth control is and what it can do for you
  • How to learn fertility awareness methods safely without getting pregnant
  • The first steps to successful charting and mastering fertility awareness techniques


Step 2 – Decode Your Hormones


During this powerful module, you’ll discover….


  • New insights on your reproductive hormones. Instead of being a slave to them like most women are with mood swings and other physical challenges, you’ll get to understand how they work together so you can start using them for your advantage instead
  • How all the hormones dance together to make you the fertile woman that you are
  • Safe herbs that can be used as allies to help balance out your cycle


Step 3 – Involve Your Partner


During this powerful module, you’ll discover….


  • How to get your partner happily on board while you’re figuring out your body’s signals
  • How your partner can best support your transition to this new way of managing your fertility
  • How to observe a wide range of scientifically proven fertility signs that your body cycles through every month (you’ve probably ignored many of them your whole life, but will gain a new appreciation for them now)
  • Different techniques for observing when you’re most fertile


Step 4 – No More Risky Business


During this powerful module, you’ll discover….


  • How to read your body like a book so you’ll know when you’re fertile and when you’re not
  • How to pinpoint ovulation with advanced techniques
  • Options for your fertile days
  • What you absolutely need to know if you have a challenging cycle
  • How to Bulletproof Your Method so there’s no mistakes, no hiccups, and no busted dreams


Step 5 – Fertility Freedom Forever


In this powerful module, you’ll discover…


  • Strategies for irregular cycles, late periods, lactation and more
  • What to do if you don’t want to use ANY form of modern birth control
  • How herbs can be used to increase or decrease fertility, including discussion on herbal contraception
  • Effective combinations that integrate easily into your lifestyle and give you the level of protection you need




If you chose to join us and implement these easy lessons, you will…


  • Feel confident about your ability to avoid pregnancy without relying on hormones
  • Develop a NEW relationship with your body and cycle
  • Have the skills to avoid conception from puberty to menopause
  • Be empowered around your fertility vs. resigned to whatever happens
  • CONNECT more deeply and IMPROVE bedroom communication with your partner
  • Enjoy sex without the fear of pregnancy
  • Learn how to integrate these techniques seamlessly into your busy life


It’s empowering to feel this confident about your reproductive cycle.


Here are some things my private clients have said….



Love Notes from Irene….

Robin, After 13 years of being on birth control… I’m so grateful I discovered you! Thank you for being there with me every step of the way as I learned fertility awareness. You were so helpful when I was trying to make sense of confusing cycles. I’m so happy to have a healthy contraceptive alternative that I feel great about using. And most importantly, for the first time EVER I feel confident of my ability to avoid getting pregnant. This has been huge for me! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing me another way. ~Irene (28 yrs old)


Love Notes from Alison….

Robin, I’m very excited to have found you! I have been on a constant learning path toward natural health for years. I was on the Pill for a very long time (20 years) and decided to detox my body from its harmful effects about 2 1/2 years ago. I am with the perfect man for me and we want to be safe and natural while not getting pregnant. After my last scare I decided I needed to learn more about my body and fertile times. Your program changed my life and I’m so grateful. Thank you for being willing to share your discoveries! ~ Alison (39 years old)



This course is NOT for you if you…

  • Are happy with hormonal birth control and are okay with using it until you hit menopause
  • Don’t have an interest in learning about your body and cycle
  • Are not interested in natural ways of avoiding conception
  • Don’t want to teach your daughter about her cycle and spare her years of hormonal birth control.


This course IS for you if you…

  • Menstruate
  • Are not on hormonal birth control or want to get off it
  • Want a reliable natural way to avoid getting pregnant
  • Want to learn fertility awareness methods
  • Are tired of winging it and holding your breath each month
  • Are looking for a hands on course that will teach you everything you need to know about natural ways to avoid getting pregnant
  • Don’t have time to read books on the subject and just want someone to tell you what to do
  • Have 3 to 5 minutes a day to invest in learning a new skill
  • Have time to listen to a 1 hour call twice a month (attending live is ideal but not essential)
  • Want to integrate an awareness of your fertility into your daily life
  • Don’t want to experience an/another unintended pregnancy


If you know this is right for you, when you register for the course…


  • You’ll receive your Fertility Freedom Kit in the mail with tools you’ll be using and a custom binder to keep your notes and charts in. You’ll also receive copies of my favorite charts and calendars.
  • 1 private one-on-one Love Your Birth Control Makeover Session where we’ll get clear on your reproductive goals, go over your contraceptive history and get you started with the basics.
  • 6 Group Master Your Cycle Training Sessions where you will learn the ins and outs of your cycle, how to use herbs for healthy cycling, all of the different fertility awareness techniques and how to apply them in such a way that you have the level of protection you need and can enjoy freedom from birth control. (60-90 min each)
  • 6 Group Decoding Your Cycle Sessions where your can ask your questions and we’ll go over your charts in detail. You’ll get feedback on how to apply what you’re learning in real life situations and have the opportunity to look at other participant’s chart to help you master chart interpenetration. (60-90 minutes)
  • Access to the Fertility Freedom Facebook Community where you can rub shoulders with other like-minded women who want to learn fertility awareness methods too.



How Much is This Going to Cost?


Well, it’s not going to cost you anything, but there is an investment. When you think about the money a woman spends on birth control and condoms over the course of her entire life, it adds up. According to Planned Parenthood, women spend up to $60 per month on birth control. You can imagine just in one year that’s $720 and the same the year after that. In ten years, that easily adds up to $7,200. In twenty years, that’s $14,400. And, that’s just on birth control costs.


That doesn’t even factor in the cost of health problems that she could encounter associated with birth control such as depression, headaches, weight gain and more severe issues like blood clots.


Then there’s the cost if you slip up, or your birth control doesn’t work because then there’s a baby you have to take care of. If you have a baby when you don’t want to that could be stressful on you and your partner. You may be faced with the difficult choice of having an abortion or you may feel like you can’t realistically afford a child at this time.


So, if you’d like to save thousands of dollars over your lifetime on birth control and other expenses, then this program basically won’t cost you anything. In fact, you’re actually saving money, time and stress. But, there is an investment…


In the past, I’ve offered this program to my private clients for $1997. In fact, other programs that claim to do the same thing go for between $1800 and $5000. And, may NOT include any of the personal 1-1 attention you’ll need due to how different every woman’s body is.


But, don’t worry because your investment in this program won’t be $5000 and it won’t be $1800 either….


Your investment for Freedom Fertility System is only $997.



Fertility Freedom System

A Fertility Awareness Training Program

Regular Price: $1997

Register today for just $997



Bonus: My Cycle Power Journal

The perfect place to store your notes, handouts and charts as you move through the course.






Bonus: Fertility Freedom Kit

Your key to reproductive empowerment and fertility freedom arrives at your door in a box! You’ll receive a package in the mail with all the tools you need for the course.





Bonus Live Interview: Herbal Allies for Cycle Balancing


Herbalist Susun Weed will be joining us on one of the calls to talk about how herbs can be used to balance your cycle. If your cycle is irregular this will help you to get your cycle smoothed out and resolve any underlying issues.


Susun is amazing and so generous with her time and wisdom. You’ll have the opportunity to ask her questions too.


Susun is an herbalist, author, wise woman, and extraordinary teacher with a joyous spirit, and a powerful presence. She is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to herbs and women’s health and is the Director of the Wise Woman Center in Woodstock, New York. She is the voice of the Wise Woman Way, where common weeds, simple ceremony, and compassionate listening supports and nourishes health, wholeness, and holiness. Over the past three decades, Susan has opened hearts to the magic and medicine of the green nations. Ms. Weed’s five books on herbal medicine focus on women’s health topics including menopause, childbearing, and breast health. Susun has appeared on NPR, NBC News, CNN, and and has been quoted and interviewed in many major magazines.


Bonus Live Interview: Pleasure and Intimacy

Speaker TBA – She’ll give you some great ideas about pleasurable activities you can engage in with your partner during your fertile times so you’ll have additional satisfying options to spice up your bedroom time. We’ll also do a little segment on talking to your daughter about pleasure and some solo play practices.





Getting the Best Results


This program is an investment in you and your health. I honor the trust that you place in me and I’ll do everything I can to insure your success. You understand that the only way to succeed is to engage in the program, listen to the calls to educate yourself and practice the observation techniques that will ensure your success.
Due to the knowledge-based structure of this course and the amount of time I spend with each member, I’m unable to provide refunds. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out before making your purchase and let’s have a conversation and see if this course is right for you.
My guarantee… you’ll learn how to identify when you’re fertile and use that information to avoid or achieve pregnancy as consistent with your reproductive goals. I’ll help you to develop a method of avoiding pregnancy that doesn’t involve hormonal birth control, works well with your lifestyle, you feel good about using and gives you the level of protection you need to feel confident in your ability to avoid getting pregnant unless you want to. While no method of birth control is 100% effective, women who apply these techniques are able to successfully avoid conception from that point forward until menopause.


This knowledge belongs to you; it’s your birthright.


If you have questions, book some time to chat or send me an email at support @ fertilitydeva (dot) com with your contact information and the best time to reach you and I’ll get in touch. Include your phone number, time zone address and the best time to call. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to show you how!



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