Sep 212017

  On this weeks episode, I have a candid talk to holistic sexual educator Robin LaCross. We cover a range of topics including having “the talk” with our children, HPV, STI disclosure, and listener questions about sex and sexual health.

Sep 102014
The Truth about Birth Control Series – Part 6: Sterilization

Sterilization – The Conscious Choice To End Fertility   To finish up our series on modern contraceptive options, I want to talk about sterilization, since it is one of the most widely used options among mature women who have had children. The various methods of sterilization are meant to permanently render you sterile. These methods […]

Aug 192014
The Truth About Birth Control - Part 5: Emergency Contraception

Emergency Contraception – An Important Tool for Contraceptive Emergencies. What do you do if a condom breaks or your diaphragm slips? What if you get swept away in the heat of the moment and forget to use your birth control? Post-coital contraceptives are often referred to as the morning-after-pill, and have been around for a […]

Aug 042014
The Truth About Birth Control: Part 4 - IUDs

IUDs – Still the Black Sheep of the Contraceptive Family? Is it really true that IUDs are being recommended for teenagers? This might come as a surprise, but yes, it is true. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) believe that IUDs are a great option for teenagers, especially because teens are at such […]

Jul 152014
The truth about Birth Control Series – Part 3

Seriously? She Got Arrested Over a Diaphragm???   The diaphragm has actually been around for a really long time. In the 1940’s they were prescribed regularly for contraception and was the best woman controlled option available. Advertisements touted them as being discrete so that the male partner wouldn’t know it was there, many men at […]

Jul 102014
The Truth about Birth Control Series – Part 2

Rant warning….Don’t get me started on hormonal birth control… oh! And the drug companies… let me tell you what! There’s no denying that hormonal contraception has given women a level of control over their fertility that we’ve never experienced before. Today, hormonal contraceptive options include the Patch (sticks to your skin), Implants (are implanted in […]

Jul 022014
The Truth about Birth Control Series:  Part 1: The Awful Truth about Condoms

The oldest condom ever found was in an old English castle ruin, it’s believed that soldiers were issued condoms by King Charles I because his army was getting sick and dying due to deadly venereal diseases of the time like gonorrhea and syphilis. Before the invention of rubber, condoms were made from a variety of […]


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