May 232017
Love Library Giveaway with Joanna Shakti

Exciting news! I was invited to participate in Joanna Shakti’s Love Library Giveaway to share information about HPV and how to protect yourself from the virus. The giveaway is live May 23rd thru June 11. Register today for your free pass…     Join Katherine Woodward Thomas, Arielle Ford, Marni Battista, Evan Marc Katz, Michaela […]

Jan 192017

Herbal Allies for Healthy Cycling   Join me as I interview wise woman and herbalist Susun Weed on how to use herbs to balance your cycle and influence your fertility. Learn more about using herbs the Wise Woman Way to…   Balance the menstrual cycle   Ease cramps and other symptoms   Balance cycle conditions such […]

Jul 042016
More thoughts on Financial Independence on Independence Day

Since today is Independence Day, I wanted to bring up another piece of financial independence. I recently watched a short video in a piece by the Huffington Post that really put this into perspective.   The #1 reason women don’t leave an abusive relationship is because their abuser has control of all of the money. […]

Jun 282016
How Reproductive and Financial Empowerment are Connected

I’ve been reflecting how reproductive empowerment and financial empowerment go hand and hand.   I had a great conversation recently with a mother of a 13 year old boy who had confided in her that he didn’t think he wanted to have children.   What great opportunity for mom to have the “how-to avoid pregnancy” […]

Jun 232016
Introducing my latest project - Seize the Moment! It's Your Life Workbook

I’d like to share something I’ve been working on with you…   But first, let me tell you a little about how the seeds for this project got planted.   I took a class a few months ago called Focus. It was about time management, goal setting and planning.   NOT terribly sexy topics…   […]

Sep 102014
The Truth about Birth Control Series – Part 6: Sterilization

Sterilization – The Conscious Choice To End Fertility   To finish up our series on modern contraceptive options, I want to talk about sterilization, since it is one of the most widely used options among mature women who have had children. The various methods of sterilization are meant to permanently render you sterile. These methods […]

Aug 192014
The Truth About Birth Control - Part 5: Emergency Contraception

Emergency Contraception – An Important Tool for Contraceptive Emergencies. What do you do if a condom breaks or your diaphragm slips? What if you get swept away in the heat of the moment and forget to use your birth control? Post-coital contraceptives are often referred to as the morning-after-pill, and have been around for a […]

Aug 042014
The Truth About Birth Control: Part 4 - IUDs

IUDs – Still the Black Sheep of the Contraceptive Family? Is it really true that IUDs are being recommended for teenagers? This might come as a surprise, but yes, it is true. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) believe that IUDs are a great option for teenagers, especially because teens are at such […]

Jul 152014
The truth about Birth Control Series – Part 3

Seriously? She Got Arrested Over a Diaphragm???   The diaphragm has actually been around for a really long time. In the 1940’s they were prescribed regularly for contraception and was the best woman controlled option available. Advertisements touted them as being discrete so that the male partner wouldn’t know it was there, many men at […]

Jul 102014
The Truth about Birth Control Series – Part 2

Rant warning….Don’t get me started on hormonal birth control… oh! And the drug companies… let me tell you what! There’s no denying that hormonal contraception has given women a level of control over their fertility that we’ve never experienced before. Today, hormonal contraceptive options include the Patch (sticks to your skin), Implants (are implanted in […]


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