Experience Reproductive Freedom If you’re looking for a deeper understanding of the female body, or perhaps an alternative way of addressing reproductive concerns, you’ve come to the right place!


I’ve been passionate about sharing information on women’s reproductive health and ways of managing fertility for a long time. My love for fertility and women’s reproductive health stems from personal experience. I believe that all young women should be taught about their bodies, taught to identify the signs of fertility so that they have the tools and skills needed to avoid pregnancy.


The first time I had sex, I had no understanding of how my body worked. I knew women weren’t fertile all the time. I knew when dogs were in heat they also bled and that they could get pregnant during this time. The first time I had sex it was unprotected and [….]

My Mission

My goal is to bring this information to as many women as possible. I think that basic fertility awareness methods should be taught to pre-teens or as a rite of passage for young women who have just begun bleeding. I believe women should have access to medically accurate health information. My goal is to empowering women to play an active role in managing their fertility and caring for their health.

What You’ll Find Here

Here you’ll find a diverse mixture of topics including reproductive health, understanding our bodies, understanding our menstrual cycles, balancing our hormones, how to manage our fertility and use this information to avoid or achieve pregnancy. I’ll also discuss cervical health giving special attention to cervical dysplasia, sexual health and sex education, contraception, fertility, fertility awareness, sexually transmitted diseases including sexually transmitted viruses like HPV, HSV, chlamydia and much more. I look forward to exploring the realm of women’s mysteries with you and generating dialogue about all of these topics! If you would like to be notified of new posts please subscribe receive notice via email or follow me on twitter.

How Reproductive and Financial Empowerment are Connected

How Reproductive and Financial Empowerment are Connected

I’ve been reflecting how reproductive empowerment and financial empowerment go hand and hand.   I had a great conversation recently with a mother of a 13 year old boy who had confided in her that he didn’t think he wanted to have children.   What great opportunity for mom to have the “how-to avoid pregnancy” […]

Introducing my latest project - Seize the Moment! It's Your Life Workbook

Introducing my latest project – Seize the Moment! It’s Your Life Workbook

I’d like to share something I’ve been working on with you…   But first, let me tell you a little about how the seeds for this project got planted.   I took a class a few months ago called Focus. It was about time management, goal setting and planning.   NOT terribly sexy topics…   […]

Let's Talk about Puberty

Let’s Talk about Puberty

So let’s talk a little about puberty. This is where and when a young girl will begin to sexually mature. Her body will go through a series of changes completely out of her control. Numerous bodily systems will be affected and she will emerge on the other side as a sexually mature young woman. This […]

Spiritual HomeGirl – The Birds and The Bees with Robin LaCross

  On this weeks episode, I have a candid talk to holistic sexual educator Robin LaCross. We cover a range of topics including having “the talk” with our children, HPV, STI disclosure, and listener questions about sex and sexual health.

Interview on Kickin It with Daree

Interview on Kickin It with Daree

HPV and You: Not Just a Woman’s Health Issue     Why it’s hard for women to talk about our vaginal and reproductive health How preventing child abuse starts in the home What HPV is and why both males and females should care about it Why HPV testing for males is not promoted, and how […]

Interview on the Independent Underground Radio Network

Interview on the Independent Underground Radio Network

Check out my interview on the Underground Radio Network on HPV, the HPV vaccine and women’s reproductive health.  

Holistic Sex Ed with Brodie Welsh

Holistic Sex Ed with Brodie Welsh

Podcast interview on A Healthy Curiosity. In this episode, we explore: HPV, its risks, its tests, its prevention, and its treatment Failures of the current sexual education system Talking to teens about sexual and reproductive health Benefits of holistic sexual and reproductive health practices The Fertility Awareness Method IUDs and birth control pills (plus other forms of BC)  

HPV & Natural Birth Control with Veronica Grant

HPV & Natural Birth Control with Veronica Grant

Podcast Interview on Love Life Connection.   Here’s what you’ll learn: What HPV even is and how to know if you have it The risks of HPV, including with fertility and what you can do instead Natural methods to overcome HPV      

Interview with Susun Weed

Herbal Allies for Healthy Cycling   Join me as I interview wise woman and herbalist Susun Weed on how to use herbs to balance your cycle and influence your fertility. Learn more about using herbs the Wise Woman Way to…   Balance the menstrual cycle   Ease cramps and other symptoms   Balance cycle conditions such […]

The Truth about Birth Control Series – Part 2

The Truth about Birth Control Series – Part 2

Rant warning….Don’t get me started on hormonal birth control… oh! And the drug companies… let me tell you what! There’s no denying that hormonal contraception has given women a level of control over their fertility that we’ve never experienced before. Today, hormonal contraceptive options include the Patch (sticks to your skin), Implants (are implanted in […]


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