Aug 242017



On this episode of Pride Connections, Melissa DaSilva sits down to talk with Robin LaCross. Robin is a holistic health practitioner who specializes in women’s reproductive health. She is passionate about making sure every young woman grows up knowing and understanding her body and cycle. Robin is on a mission to reduce unintended pregnancies and the spread of STDs in the world by changing the way mothers talk to their children about growing up, sex and staying safe.

Throughout the episode you will learn more about HPV, alternative testing options for STD’s, and how Robin is using her real life examples on sex education to inspire and change the world!

This is a very educational episode you won’t want to miss!

Aug 152017

HPV and You: Not Just a Woman’s Health Issue



  • Why it’s hard for women to talk about our vaginal and reproductive health
  • How preventing child abuse starts in the home
  • What HPV is and why both males and females should care about it
  • Why HPV testing for males is not promoted, and how males can test at home
  • Background on the Gardasil vaccine and why its marketed to parents of teens
  • How factors of treating dysplasia can put future fertility at risk
  • Natural solutions to help your body heal itself
  • The HPV Education Project



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