Apr 252014

Closing the Gap on Mother-Daughter Conversations about Sex

mom and daughterI was curious to know how conversations about sex were going between you and your daughter, so I did a survey after the summit was over that several of you responded to and I found two surveys on the topic.

They interviewed over 2000 mother-daughter pairs who live together and I have to tell you, the results were very eye opening and you probably won’t like what you hear….

I was surprised to learn 2 out of 3 girls admitted they are lying to their moms about sex. Do you know what the worst part is? The risky behaviors the girls are hiding:

  • Most of the girls in the survey said they’ve had sex without a condom at least once.
  • More than half of the girls admitted they didn’t use any birth control at all!
  • Twice as many girls had already had sex than their moms knew about

STDgraphicSex without a condom even once puts your daughter at risk for STDs. Did you know that one in four sexually active teens are diagnosed with an STD and half of sexually active young women have had an STD by age 25?

Some of the most common sexually transmitted diseases can have lifelong consequences. The most commonly diagnosed STD is the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) which causes abnormal changes in the cervix cells putting your daughter at risk for cervical cancer. All of the treatments for cervical dysplasia are unpleasant and may put future fertility at risk.

The next most commonly diagnosed STD is Chlamydia and this can be present without symptoms and is responsible for a large percentage of the cases of infertility today.

The surveys found girls are a lot less comfortable talking to you about sex than you might think. The majority of girls have no intention of coming to you with concerns about sex and made it pretty clear that you’ll be the last to know when they decide to have sex.

Check out the video to learn more about how girls are missing the messages and how it puts your daughter at risk.



robinHave questions? Need support? Feel like you’ve missed the boat on some of these conversations with your daughter? Let’s chat! I’ve opened up a few spots in my calendar for FREE 30 minute Sex Communication Breakthrough Sessions and I invite you to apply for one today.

We can break through the discomfort together! We can change this. Let’s explore what is possible for you!




P.S. Have you caught your daughter lying to you about sex related issues? Or if your daughter is too young, did you hide risky sexual behaviors from your mom? Share your experience by commenting below!



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